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Mis-Sold Packaged Bank Account Claims

If you’ve been paying a monthly fee for your bank account, you could be entitled to reclaim hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Packaged bank accounts, which bundle together various insurance products, have frequently been mis-sold, and you may be eligible to reclaim the premiums you’ve paid along with interest.

Packaged bank accounts consist of a regular bank account combined with multiple insurance products, typically requiring a monthly premium for access to these perceived benefits.

Why is a packaged bank account mis sold?

These accounts are mis-sold when banks fail to ensure that the insurance cover is suitable for the individual. It often boils down to what you were informed (or not informed) at the time of sale or upgrade. Ultimately, banks bear the responsibility of ensuring that the insurance provided aligns with your needs and requirements.

What is a packaged bank account?

A Packaged Bank Account (PBA) is a bank account where you pay a monthly fee to the bank for it to provide you with additional benefits. These benefits vary and can include, amongst others: –

  • Holiday travel Insurance
  • Gadgets and technical cover for electrical items in your home
  • Car breakdown cover
  • Mobile Phone Insurance

The above list is not exhaustive and different banks offer different packages for their customers.


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