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Mis-sold mortgage or secured loan claims

If your lender or broker failed to disclose the value, or even the existence, of the commission they earned for selling you a financial product it’s a case of mis-selling and you need to take action.

Your mortgage or secured loan has been mis-sold to you if:

  • The broker’s commission was added to your repayments without your knowledge
  • The financial product recommended was based on how lucrative your broker’s commission was
  • You were not given a full and complete picture of what you were signing up to
  • The most suitable repayment plan for YOUR needs was not recommended
  • The term of your mortgage or secured loan ends later than the date you expect to retire
  • The recommended deal was, for any other reason, unsuitable for your needs

If you have been paying out undisclosed commission for years or your mortgage or secured loan has been mis-sold for any of the reasons above, you may be due compensation.

  • Was your mortgage or secured loan active for at least 6 years?
  • Did you use a broker or third-party intermediary to find you a good deal?
  • Do you believe they acted in your best interests or their own?
  • Were they completely open and honest about the commission they would earn?
  • Did your lender take steps to ensure you could meet the terms of your mortgage or loan?

If you feel you may have been mis-sold a mortgage or secured loan, then you may request our free case audit to ascertain if you have a valid claim.


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