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What Are Housing Disrepair Claims?

More and more, tenants are living in poor housing conditions with rising damp, mould, leaks, dangerous electrics, and vermin infestations which their landlord should have repaired.

* Whether you live in social housing or council housing, your landlord is responsible for making sure you live in a safe and habitable environment.

The tenancy agreement you signed should provide the protection that your landlord will keep the property in a good state of repair. Unfortunately, landlords don’t always fulfil their obligations. If this happens, you can make a claim on the basis of breach of contract. The landlord’s obligation usually only covers the structure, exterior, and supply of utilities to the property. For example, the basis of a disrepair claim could be for damage caused by a water leak as opposed to condensation.

Can i submit a claim?

  • You live in a rented house, flat or apartment
  • You rent from the local council or through a social housing association
  • You have disrepair issues in your home that are affecting your everyday life
  • You have informed your landlord about the issues
  • Your landlord has not responded or provided a timeline to fix the issues in a reasonable timeframe

If the above scenario sounds like you or a loved one, let our professional team help. Find out if you can claim today by submitting our quick and easy claim audit form.


Does your claim qualify?

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