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We believe in a transparent and clear process

Making a claim can often be an overwhelming endeavour for consumers, and the process can quickly feel complicated and uninteresting. At Reclaim Finance we understand this; which is why our expertise across multiple claim-types, proven track record and decades of experience within the claim and legal setting allow us to easily identify the most effective manner in bringing your claim forward. Clear communication and understanding is the backbone of any partnership, so you can rest assured we will notify you of any updates or progress, through each stage of our processes.

How does it work?

Make an Enquiry

For us to help you, we need to know what it is you need help with. Our team will require some information surrounding your claim, take some basic details and securely pass them to our relevant department, who will review the information and identify how we can assist you.

You can submit a claim form without the help an agent and we don’t charge you anything to identify whether a claim could be made. Alternatively you can call us using our number 020 3002 0644 and one of our friendly team will take your details.

Discuss Your Case

Once we’ve identified if a claim can be made, one of our team will be in contact through the details you provided during the initial enquiry form, to ask specific questions surrounding your prospective claim. If we identify at this point that you are unable to make a claim, our expert will let you know the reason(s) why we believe that to be so.

We are on hand to answer any questions which you may have about your claim with us and we follow up all telephone communication with written correspondence for your records.

Preparing Your Claim

To move your claim forward, we will require some supporting evidence. You will be notified of the required documents to develop the claim further. Upon receipt, an assigned case-handler will package your claim and present this to our auditing team, who will conduct a more thorough investigation.

At any stage of the claim process you can call us using our number 020 3002 0644 to discuss your case.

Our Experts

We work closely with highly accredited report writers and subject matter experts to identify and query the specifics, subtleties and nuances surrounding your claim. At this stage, we will gain a clear understanding of how much your claim may be worth and the process required to bring it to a close in the most efficient manner.

Once a final report has been compiled and the discrepancies identified, we will be back in contact to explain the result and the next steps. Alternatively you can call us using our number 020 3002 0644 and one of our friendly team will be happy to update you.

Our Agreement with You

At this stage we will have identified your claim value and ascertained the merit in your case. Our team will contact you to present our understanding of the case so far and how we intend to proceed. Your case-handler will provide you with an e-Sign document, outlining the liabilities and additional information.

The e-Sign document will include a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) outlining the solicitors fee’s and terms, which upon signing, will consolidate the solicitor working on your case.

Case Submitted

With all the required documentation supplied from you and compiled into your case file, along with the signed conditional fee agreement. Your claim will then be passed over to the assigned solicitor who will be handling the litigation of your case from this point onwards.

Please feel free to contact us at any point during your claim using our number 020 3002 0644 and one of our friendly team will be happy to update you regarding your case.

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