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What Are Payday or Short Term Loan Claims?

Why am I eligible to claim on payday or short term loans now?

Payday or short term loans often appear as a convenient solution for quick cash in emergencies, but they can lead to significant distress in many cases.

Short term loan lenders bear the responsibility of ensuring the well-being of their clients. Thus, they should conduct thorough assessments to ensure that the loan is within the borrower’s means to repay.

Unfortunately, many short term loan providers failed to conduct these essential checks, resulting in clients accumulating overwhelming debt and facing substantial stress and personal hardships.

If you’ve previously taken out a payday or short term loan, you may be entitled to compensation.

Am I able to claim?

You may be eligible to claim if:

  • Your lender didn’t make the charges clear to you.
  • You had to take out additional loans from the same lender to cover the initial one.
  • You had to borrow from another lender to repay the initial loan.
  • The loan significantly impacted your income, leaving you struggling to cover bills, mortgage, and food.
  • It’s evident that your payday lender didn’t conduct proper financial checks.
  • The loan provided by your payday lender was unaffordable for you.

Does your claim qualify?

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