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How can we help you claim housing disrepair compensation?

A housing disrepair claim can be initiated when a tenant reports problems with their dwelling to the landlord. It is essential to allow the landlord an adequate amount of time to address and rectify the issues. If, however, the landlord neglects or fails to carry out the necessary repairs, you have the option to pursue a housing disrepair claim to seek compensation.

Whether you are residing in a council-owned property, social housing, or a housing association residence, your landlord has a legal obligation to ensure that your living space is both habitable and fully functional. As a property deteriorates or requires repairs to maintain safety and liveability standards, it is the responsibility of the landlord to provide a reasonable standard of accommodation.

When we talk about a property being in disrepair, we mean that it needs maintenance or repair work to meet safety and habitability standards. This concept generally applies to rented homes and all other forms of leased housing.

Let us take the complexity out of making your claim

We understand the distress and frustration that can arise from residing in a property that falls short of acceptable standards, and we’re here to provide support. Our partnerships with experienced housing disrepair solicitors specialises in handling cases involving disrepair. With their expertise, you can access the assistance and compensation you rightfully deserve.

To begin, we can conduct an initial assessment of your situation to establish the facts and determine if you qualify for a housing disrepair claim. Our partner solicitors specialising in handling cases involving disrepair, will then offer reliable legal guidance on the best course of action for your specific circumstances. If you decide to move forward with your claim, our team will assist you in gathering all necessary evidence, and having our partner experts represent you at any relevant hearings.

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The more details you can supply regarding your housing disrepair circumstances, the quicker it will be that the case can be evaluated and processed promptly. This will also help avoid requests for further information which can delay any decisions being made.

A housing disrepair claim becomes a possibility when a tenant reports problems within their dwelling to the landlord. It’s important to grant the landlord a reasonable timeframe to address and rectify these issues. However, if the landlord fails to carry out the necessary repairs, you have the option to initiate a housing disrepair claim to seek compensation.

You might qualify to submit a claim through Reclaim Finance if you’re a tenant renting a property that is in a state of disrepair.

Typically, housing disrepair encompasses a range of issues, including:

  • Problems with mould or dampness.
  • Pest infestations.
  • Leaks and water damage.
  • Malfunctioning heating systems.
  • Faulty electrical wiring.
  • Interior deterioration.
  • Damaged gutters, drains, and pipes.
  • Structural issues.
  • Broken kitchen and bathroom fittings.

Indeed, every tenant has the fundamental right to a safe and habitable home. In cases where your landlord neglects their obligation to carry out essential repairs, you may qualify for legal aid compensation for property damage, personal injury, financial losses, or disruptions to your quality of life if your residence becomes uninhabitable due to their negligence. To initiate this process, our housing team will require a copy of your tenancy agreement, specifically focusing on the terms related to repair requests.

Mould can lead to a range of issues, including damage to your belongings and significant health concerns for which you may be entitled to compensation. If the presence of mould in your rented property can be attributed to a repair issue, you have the option to pursue a disrepair claim. Our housing disrepair solicitors are here to help you navigate the legal process to secure the compensation you rightfully deserve.

It’s essential to know that your landlord cannot legally evict you for making a housing disrepair claim. If such an eviction were to occur, it would be deemed illegal, and you would have grounds to seek additional compensation. Additionally, please be aware that our services are primarily aimed at assisting council and housing association tenants. If you’re renting from a private landlord and you have outstanding rent payments, your landlord may engage tenancy eviction solicitors to address the situation.

If your landlord refuses to address the necessary repairs for which they are responsible, you may have the option to pursue a claim against them.

To qualify for such a claim, it’s essential that you have reported the issue to your local council or housing association landlord and provided evidence, a process in which we can offer guidance. If your landlord has failed to carry out the necessary repairs within reasonable timeframes, you have the right to seek compensation from them.

You can initiate a housing disrepair claim during your tenancy, whether it’s before or after it ends, as long as you do so within six years of notifying your landlord about the problem. For personal injury claims related to housing disrepair, you must file within three years of receiving notice.

It’s important to note that repair faults resulting from your own negligence or unreasonable actions are not your landlord’s responsibility. Additionally, please be aware that while we specialise in property disrepair cases, we may not handle claims involving private landlords, especially if you’ve engaged a letting agent or if your landlord is an individual.

Rest assured, your housing disrepair claim will be in good hands...

Our strong reputation is founded on our consistent delivery of results, allowing us to establish close collaborations with experts across the UK. This ensures that we can offer our clients the finest possible service. To initiate the process, we kindly request an initial time investment from you to provide our team with the necessary documentation.


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