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How can we help you claim diesel emissions compensation?

If you purchased a diesel car between the years 2008 and 2019, you might be eligible to pursue a diesel emission claim, depending on the brand of the vehicle you own.

A Diesel Emissions Claim refers to a legal action related to the ‘dieselgate’ scandal that came to light in 2015. During this scandal, it was revealed that several automobile manufacturers had employed a ‘defeat device’ to conceal the actual levels of emissions being released from their vehicles. These ‘defeat devices’ essentially made diesel engines activate emissions controls exclusively during laboratory emissions testing, ensuring that the vehicles would meet regulatory standards during testing. However, in real-world usage, the emissions from these vehicles were, in some cases, found to be far higher than the legal limits.

Although car manufacturers are often unwilling to provide discounts or admit wrongdoing, individuals who own such vehicles have the opportunity to file a claim for diesel emissions and potentially receive a substantial lump sum as compensation. This issue is estimated to have impacted around 500,000 vehicles in the UK, and their owners may be eligible for compensation.

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To illustrate the seriousness of the matter, in September 2019, Daimler (the owner of Mercedes) was fined 870 million euros in Germany for a “negligent violation of supervisory duties” due to non-compliance with emissions regulations.

The Dieselgate Scandal involves hundreds of thousands of diesel vehicles that were found to produce emissions levels far above legal limits.

It’s important to recognise that not all diesel cars are eligible for a diesel emissions claim. Even if you owned a diesel vehicle within the specified time frame, not all engines were impacted by the issue. To quickly determine your potential eligibility for compensation, you can make use of our vehicle audit. This tool will help you assess whether your vehicle is eligible for a claim. Please check here

Indeed, taking a large car manufacturer to court involves significant legal fees that can be prohibitively high for an individual. Attempting to pursue a claim independently could easily surpass any potential pay-out. This is where group litigation comes into play. By joining a group of claimants, you become part of a collective effort, and the legal fees are shared among all participants. This approach makes it more financially feasible for individuals to seek compensation, as the costs are distributed across the group rather than falling solely on a single claimant.

You are not required to still own the car in question to be eligible for a claim. Your eligibility for a claim is determined by the specific dates when you bought and sold the car. Our straightforward form is designed to provide you with quick and accurate information about your eligibility, even if you no longer own the vehicle.

Yes, you can make an emissions claim for a car bought on finance. The method of purchase, whether you bought the car outright or financed it, does not impact your eligibility to make a claim for compensation related to emissions issues. As long as your vehicle falls within the criteria for the claim, you have the right to pursue compensation, regardless of how you acquired the car.

You can make emissions claims for multiple cars if each of those vehicles meets the criteria for the claim. The eligibility for such claims is typically based on specific factors related to the vehicle’s make, model, and the time period during which it was purchased. If you own or have owned multiple vehicles that meet the criteria, you can file separate claims for each of them. It’s important to ensure that each vehicle qualifies individually for the claim.

The ability to make a diesel emissions claim may depend on the specific make and model of your vehicle, as well as the circumstances surrounding the emissions issue. However, historically, some of the manufacturers involved in emissions-related claims, such as the “dieselgate” scandal, have included Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. It’s important to note that the eligibility for claims can vary, and not all vehicles from these manufacturers were affected. To determine whether you can make a claim, you should use our vehicle check tool so we can assess your specific case. Please check here

When filing a claim, in addition to your basic contact information, it’s essential to provide the car registration number and confirm the dates during which you owned the vehicle. Also, it’s crucial to ensure that you include a valid contact number and your email address, as these are necessary elements for communicating anything related to your claim. Accurate and complete information is essential to move forward with the claims process effectively.

Customers have faced various losses and issues due to the emissions problems, including:

  • Elevated Nitrogen Dioxide levels, which pose health risks to both children and adults, as well as harm to the environment.
  • Potentially increased fuel bills and maintenance costs incurred by vehicle owners.
  • Deterioration in the performance of these vehicles, affecting their overall functionality.

Current and past diesel car owners can quickly determine their eligibility by providing their car registration number and a few additional details, such as the purchase date of the vehicle. This information allows you to assess whether you qualify for a claim.

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